Tears Gospel Team

Tears Gospel Team continued to carry out the evangelistic tours without a break, and these crusades and tours witnessed thousands of people, including drug addicts, alcoholics receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Personal Saviour and committed to change their lives. These crusades also helped many backsliders and weak believers to renew and revive their faith in the Lord. Hundreds of animists were converted and even the primitive-priests surrendered to the Lord Christ and burned all their priestly tools, many of demon possessed were clean, half paralyzed person were restored to walk again, even a dead person was arise and innumerable lost souls have been saved. God, in His own way, has been using Tears Gospel Team especially for spiritual renewal and revival of Churches.

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  • Rev.isacc dhas Bd,
    Gospel mission for india,
    Post box no 7,
    Kancheepuram dist,
    S India
    Email- gospel_mission_for_india@yahoo.in
    Dear pastor in christ. Greet you in the name of our lord jesus christ.Pastor thanks for your reply.I am doing gospel ministry in remote villages in orisa and westbangal and anthra and karnadaka where the gospel unreached yet.Present 16 missionaries are working with our GMFI.We are running childrens home for street and parentless kids .Present in orisa and anthra and tamilnadu 90 disabled childrens are taken care of us in three differnt places through our bethlehem childrens homes orphanage.Pastor please pray for me and my family and ministry work in india.I need your prayer and help .In month of november 25 and 26- 2012 we are going to conducting international gospel crusade for two days.I would like to invite you to our guest speaker to this crusade nearly 500 pastors and missionaries will gather this meeting from all the country.Pastor i am looking up your mail with prayer.GMFI would like to joint with your organization and do gospel
    work .We are all praying for your family and ministry.Pastor in my next mail i will send you our mission field photo and my family photo after receive your reply.Please pray for us.God bless your family and ministry
    Forever in your heart with true love
    Yours brother in the service of unreached villages in nort india
    Rev.Isacc dhas

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