Tears Gospel Relief

Distribution of clothes, helping poor and needy people by giving, feeding the hungry people by sharing rice, moneying constructions for Church buildings were done every year in the mission field with our limited resource. There are some scholarships awards for Bible students and governments as fund availability.

Tears Gospel Child Care

In the Mission field of Tears Gospel Ministries many Parent are not able to pay school fee for their children and they simply dropped them out from the school. Moreover, many orphans do not have anyone to take care of their life. In this situation, Tears Gospel Ministries started Tears Gospel Child Care, trying to…more!

Tears Gospel Mobile Clinic

In our mission field there is no proper road event for footpath and the villagers ever get medical care for any disease. Unnecessarily many people are dying with minor diseases because of there is no medical care for them. God sent an expert physician as Tears Gospel Missionary that we could have mobile clinic in…more!

Tears Gospel Audio Ministry

So called, “Nuntakkikna (Re-Alive)” Gospel audio/cassettes released. 1991 So called, “Khitui Gospel Lainatna Aw (Tear Gospel Voice of Compassion)” Gospel audio/cassettes released. 1995

Tears Gospel Literature Ministry

So called, “Hauhna leh Khansauna Thusim” (The Secret of Prosperity and Long life) First Edition was written and published. 2000So called, “Hauhna leh Khansauna Thusim” (The Secret of Prosperity and Long life) Second Edition was written and published. 2004an honorary degree, Bachelor of Christian Ministry (B.C. Min.) conferred by Tedim Bethel Bible College and a…more!


Topa thupha tawh “HAUHNA LEH KHANSAUNA THUSIM” Laibu 3veina kibawl kik khin ta hi. Bu 3000 kibawl kik ahih manin Zomi laibu saite ah kilei thei ta hi. Gam 3na lam a te zong kong puak dan ding uh kankan san lai ung. Gamdang laibu khak dan a thei i om leh hehpihna tawh hong…more!


Pasian a it Mungno leh Sanlek te innkuan in Khitui Gospel Home a zat dingin Ks.2,000,000 (tengh 20) man Solar mei (Solar system) hong leisak uh ahih manin amau innkuan tungah lungdamna lianpi ih ko hi. Pasian in ama hauhna a nem a tam semsem a zek a zang dingin siam ta hen la, thupha…more!


Zogam Muizawl khua mi, USA a om Pa Khai Mangte innkuan in Pasian it mahmah uh ahih manin Khitui Gospel Missionary khat hong vaksak hi. Pasian in amau innkuan thupha hong piaksak hen la, mi pil mi siam mi vangliante’ pianna Nu leh Pa hong suaksak ta hen. Amau innkuan Pa,Khai Khan Mang Nu, Cing San…more!


2012 December 26 panin 30 ni dong Leilum Tuiphum Pawlpi ah Khitui Gospel Crusade kibawl hi. Kawlpi panin Leilum pai nading mawtaw kisam ahih manin Mungno (Langh Do Mung) in ama mawtaw saap lohin hong zangsak a, Tg. Khaipi (Bahden) in lungduai takin mawtaw hong hawlsak hi. Pawlpi pen 1994 kum a Khitui Gospel Crusade…more!