Tulai khuahun luanzia zui in Facebook ah thu leh la teng ki post zaw ta ahih manin i website pen kipuah mengmeng zo nawn lo mawk hi. Nasem i kicinloh man zong ahi hi.  Hih lai ah i kimuh kei leh hih link ah kimu ni maw.  Nong hawh manin lungdam mahmah ung. Na lawm…more!

Sending Missionary

Sending Missionary could cost up to US$ 1000 to setup a new field. All are welcome to be partners in this mission, you can reach at or visit their site Tears Gospel Ministry for more information.

Sponsor the ministry

You can sponsor 1 Pioneer Missionary monthly by donating US $ 125. Traveling Expense of 1 Missionary to reach the mission field by donating US$ 70. Paying the house rent (Monthly) of 1 Missionary in the field by donating US$ 700. Buy the new Missionary, basic household item in the field by donating US$ 250.…more!


Each year the Tears Gospel Ministry send a Mission team of 7 to 11 person to reach out them with the good and all available humanitarian aid that the Ministry could effort. Their effort pay off atlas, the people heard the Good News, the sick were healed, and many native people who practice Animism convert…more!